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Important Oral Health Suggestions During Ramadan

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21 Mar 2024

Important Oral Health Suggestions During Ramadan

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Fasting is an important part of Ramadan month. There are several health benefits of Ramadan fasting including controlling blood pressure, managing cholesterol, weight management, detoxification, and many more. It is very crucial to take care of your oral health during this season to prevent cavity deposition on your teeth. It is better to consult the best endodontists in Qatar to maintain your dental health at the time of Ramadan.  

Pioneers Dental Center has the best pediatric dentists as well as endodontists to provide the best oral care for individuals of all age categories. Dry mouth and bad breath are possible oral health discomforts experienced by individuals observing Ramadan fast. Dry mouth increases the chances of tooth decay. Since we consume less amount of water and often refrain from swallowing saliva during fasting hours, it is important to rinse your mouth frequently. Saliva plays a major role in preventing bacterial formation in your mouth. As salty food items and caffeinated drinks promote dehydration, it is better to replace them with water at non-fasting hours to avoid dry mouth at the time of fasting. 

Bad breath is caused when you abstain from food and drinks for long hours. Due to dehydration, bacteria may develop in your mouth and break down the food particles that remain in your teeth and emits an Oduor from your mouth. Saliva plays a significant part in preventing bacterial growth. Brushing twice a day, flossing and rinsing frequently, consuming a lot of water at non-fasting hours, using tongue scrapers to clean your tongue, avoiding caffeine and sugary food items, chewing sugar-free gums after iftar and suhoor meals for saliva stimulation, etc are a few tips to prevent bad breath during Ramadan. 

Here are a few oral health suggestions to keep in mind during this Ramadan season 

  • 1. Stay hydrated 

  • 2. Manage sugar consumption 

  • 3. Brush twice a day 

  • 4. Floss regularly using water or mouthwash 

  • 5. Use a miswak stick to clean your teeth 

  • 6. Control caffeinated drinks 

If you feel relentless toothache, it is better to treat your dental issues as early as possible before creating a situation of losing them. Qatar has the best knowledgeable and expert dentists to treat any of your dental issues like wisdom teeth extraction with great care and compassion.   

If you have any teeth-related issues visit Pioneers Dental Center, we have the best orthodontists in Qatar to help you improve your smile. We have world-class facilities and professional doctors to deliver the finest smile design in Doha, Qatar. 

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