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Endodontics is the branch of dentistry aimed at treating infections in the root canal system through highly specialized treatment. This procedure becomes essential when the Dental X-rays show that the pulp that keeps your teeth intact is spoiled by harmful bacteria. If not treated on time, bacteria can extend and reproduce, leading to unbearable pain, bacterial puss, bad breath, gum swelling, and other oral diseases. There is nothing better than a healthy tooth. However, sometimes an infection can arise due to reasons such as damage to the teeth, leaky fillings, and tooth decay. Root canal system houses the dental pulp that continues from the upper region to the root of the teeth. The pulp chamber contains tiny nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. This natural cavity distributes essential nutrients to the teeth. When a person gets a bacterial infection, the tissues inside the pulp start to decompose and sooner or later turn into puss.

  • Root Canal Treatment
    Root Canal Treatment It is a procedure that takes out decomposed soft tissue to clear the inflammation. Our certified dentist will clean the base of the tooth and eradicate any bacteria present in it. After finishing the root canal treatment, a special crown or permanent filling is placed to recover and increase the vigor of the tooth. Typically, RCT procedures may get completed in single visit or multiple visits, our specialist will plan this according to the severity of the infection. Benefits of Root Canal Treatment:
    • An experienced and certified dentist will conduct this procedure which will eventually amplify the possibility of keeping original tooth intact and healthy.
    • The probabilities of tooth extraction decreases, and functionality of original teeth increases.
    • The results of the therapy are impeccable and last for a lifetime.
    • It takes hardly 2 to 3 sitting to complete the root canal treatment
    • You can easily eat after a successful treatment.
    • This procedure is usually free of pain

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We have the highest infection control standards and ongoing continuing education. We use digital radiography (X-rays). They are safer, better, faster, and smarter.

Pioneers Dental Center uses highest standards of sterilization because the patient's safety is our first. The highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness are maintained in our clinic.

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