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Our dentists fulfil many key functions relating to the child’s overall oral health and hygiene, emphasizing the proper maintenance and care of baby teeth, which are instrumental in facilitating good chewing habits, proper speech, and hold space for permanent teeth.
Your child’s primary teeth are important place holders and guides for their developing adult dentition, ensuring proper health and development will impact their future smile and self-esteem. By preserving your child’s primary teeth, if possible, your child will experience fewer orthodontic complications and speech concerns.
Some of the types of pediatric dentistry services that we offer include:

  • Checkup
    Routine evaluations monitor your child’s oral development and allow us to pinpoint concerns when they’re smaller and easier to address. We recommend a checkup at least twice a year beginning at age 1.
  • Orthodontic Evaluation
    We assess your child’s oral development, jaw anatomy, and eruption patterns to pinpoint concerns that might develop into problematic issues once they get older.
  • Dental Cleaning
    Preventative cleanings every six months keep your child’s smile fresh and clean. Our dentists will educate your child on ways to care for their teeth and gums between checkups.
  • Fluoride Treatment
    A professional fluoride treatment after your child’s cleaning helps remineralizer weak enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay and sensitivity.
  • Protective Sealants
    Dental sealants are preventative covers that block out cavity-causing bacteria in the deep grooves on back teeth. A sealant only takes a couple of minutes to apply; we recommend them on all permanent molars, which erupt around the ages of 6 and 12, respectively.
  • Dental Fillings
    Baby teeth can decay at accelerated rates, allowing the cavity to spread into the nerve or adjacent teeth. Our conservative white fillings repair the area of damage and help stop the spread of infection. Composite fillings are both mercury-free and attractive.
  • Crowns
    Protective crowns preserve compromised, broken, or badly decayed teeth and prevent premature tooth loss. We provide stainless steel crowns and tooth colored zirconia crowns for our Pediatric patients.
  • Pulpotomies and Pulpectomies
    Gentle pulpotomies combined with crowns can preserve your child’s tooth until it’s ready to be replaced with the permanent one.
  • Extractions and Space Maintainers
    Non-restorable teeth can be gently extracted, and a special appliance placed to prevent crowding or blockage to the underlying adult tooth.

Our Safety Standards

We have the highest infection control standards and ongoing continuing education. We use digital radiography (X-rays). They are safer, better, faster, and smarter.

Pioneers Dental Center uses highest standards of sterilization because the patient's safety is our first. The highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness are maintained in our clinic.

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