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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Bring back the sparkle in your smile

Microscopic intrinsic stains and discoloration present deep within the teeth are responsible for the overall dull or yellowish appearance of your teeth. Our whitening experts professionally remove these stains using advanced technologies and materials and clear them completely.

  • Zoom teeth whitening
    The safest, fastest option for same-day teeth whitening is Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening. Teeth that are naturally dark, stained, or beginning to discolor respond best to professional teeth whitening. If you prefer not to mess with an at-home teeth whitening kit, Philips Zoom provides immediate results in just one appointment.
  • Instant Teeth Whitening at Pioneers
    Our entire teeth whitening procedure requires just about 45 minutes to complete. Teeth whitening results are more pronounced as higher concentrations are used The teeth whitening is professionally performed by the dentist Patient compliance is of minimum importance Results are instant
  • Teeth Whitening at Home
    Requires 2 weeks or more. Lower concentrations produce milder whitening results. Patients must adhere to a daily application. Patient compliance is essential for the success of the treatment Results appear gradually over the course of the treatment.

Our Safety Standards

We have the highest infection control standards and ongoing continuing education. We use digital radiography (X-rays). They are safer, better, faster, and smarter.

Pioneers Dental Center uses highest standards of sterilization because the patient's safety is our first. The highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness are maintained in our clinic.

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